Static HTML Website Design & Development

Locally designed and developed in Singapore for best security. Suitable for government agencies, statutory boards and MNCs.


High Security

Your website will comprise of only HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any server-side processing nor database. It is the safest a website can ever get.


Why need a CMS when the cost & effort involved outweighs its benefits? We will build your website with Bootstrap to save you the trouble of dealing with the vulnerabilities of WordPress, Drupal or Joomla's core and plugin updates.

Designed to go through VAPT

If your website needs to go through regular VAPT, penetration testing or vulnerability scan, this is the best solution for you. A static HTML website posts none to minimal vulnerabilities as compared to using other CMS.

What's included

Mobile Optimization

We create your website with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone in mind. We ensure that your website displays good user experience across different devices.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO optimization includes on-page SEO service and Google Search Console management. Our SEO experts will customize your page with relevant keyword such that your prospective customers can search for your site with keyword relevant to your business.

Professional Support locally in Singapore

Questions and requests can be made through our hotline and support email. All requests are tracked via our centralized support ticketing system and manned by professional technicians.

Ready to Build A Static HTML Website?